Saints of Los Angeles - A Tribute to Mötley Crüe


Four young , talented and exceptionally good looking guys from the Rhein-Main area pay tribute to a band that has influenced countless rock bands and has sold over 100 million albums: Mötley Crüe.


Saints of Los Angeles: Germany's best -- well, and only... -- Mötley Crüe Tribute Band kicks audiences asses with 30 years of rock n roll from the debut album "Too Fast For Love" to current record "Saints of Los Angeles". Girls go for the good looks, guys go for the rock n roll and everyone leaves satisfied.  Saints of Los Angeles do the Crüe proud while keeping their tongues firmly in cheek. Any similarities to the actual band members of Mötley Crüe are purely coincidental, despite the wigs and pouting lips.

On December 31st 2015, Mötley Crüe performed their last live show ever, nailed down by a “death pact”, interdicting band members to perform under this name in the future. But the party continues with Saints of Los Angeles – ALL BAD THINGS WILL NEVER END!


Saints of Los Angeles are:

Mikk Wega - Vocal Saint

Sikki Nixx - Bass Saint

Sexxmachine - Guitar Saint

The Judge - Drum Saint

Upcoming Shows

10-31-23, 08:00 PM Industriestraße 7, Mannheim, Germany, 7er Club
12-09-23, 08:00 PM Gartenstraße 8, 73660 Urbach, Zom Täle
12-23-23, 03:00 PM Mannheim, Maimarkthalle
02-17-24, 08:00 PM Pestalozzipl. 1, 55283 Nierstein, Altes E-Werk Nierstein
03-22-24, 08:00 PM Weggevoerdenlaan 5, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium, DVG-Club Kortrijk


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