The Crüe


Mikk Wega - Vocal Saint

The ultimate front man for the ultimate band! Good looking, dynamic and possessing a powerful voice (according to friends when he's buying beer). Also chairman of the rock n roll court, "Death to all Butt Metal." Hot girls get personal, intimate instructions on the secrets of rock n' roll, promises of backstage passes and a musical reference on the next cd. Ok, Saints of Los Angeles is a tribute band and doesn't actually release cds, but Mr. Wega sweeps that under the table (which is where the girl usually is, too).

  Mikk Wega - Vocal Saint

Sikki Nixx - Bass Saint

Known as "Concrete Finger", Nixx is the "Heavy Metal Cockwork...", um, "Clockwork" of Saints of Los Angeles. He is German steel forged by Thors hammer. He is also a lady's man and, unlike most bassists, does not do the five knuckle shuffle. He likes to set the mood of the backstage party with a belly dance by a hot babe balancing a case of beer on her head. Sikki is often hot and he's *always* thirsty!

  Carsten "Sikki" Nixx - Bass Saint

Sexxmachine - Guitar Saint

His reputation as being light-fingered in matters beyond the guitar precede Pete. "Mr. Lightning-Fast" is the model Heavy Metal guitarist -- fast fingers and quickly finished. A 1-minute Hercules. Supposedly he is the only Saint who wears a wig. But with a sixpack like his, which girl looks at his coif? In addition to his musical knowledge his understanding of women is legendary and he has signed up for Steel Panther's "17 Girls in a Row" contest -- twice!


Pete "The Sexxmachine" Azadi - Guitar Saint

The Judge - Drum Saint

This strange guy has two role models: Tommy Lee (human) and Animal from the Muppets Show (musical). As a boy he collected all Playboys with Pamela Anderson and he has a real problem around red bathing suits. Fortunately for Saints of Los Angeles his excessive energy discharges like a nuclear explosion on stage. What happens to girls in tight, red clothes after shows is probably obvious, but chicks are "red hot" for The Judge -- lucky guy!

  Jörn "The Judge" Mildner - Drum Saint